What We Offer

We cater to the greater Boston area.

Please contact us for any questions you have about pricing. We do not include them here because every situation is different. For example do you wish just entrees or would you like sides, salads, soups and desserts with your meals. We are happy to customize your menu and we will give you an estimate after discussing the details with you.


For a one time event:

Special celebrations like weddings, bar mitzvahs and birthdays
At your home or any facility. If there is no kitchen, we can cook from our food truck.
We sit with you to determine your needs, wants, and likes.
We will help you with the planning of everything involved, such as rental items or beverages.
We go out and shop for fresh and high quality ingredients that will make up your menu.
We arrive early enough to finish all your dishes from scratch.
We serve our wonderful creations to you and your guests, just like you would be served in a restaurant.
When we leave, the only evidence that we were there is the aroma in the air and the unforgettable memories.

 For our gourmet food truck, please click here!

What do we cook?
Almost anything, if we haven’t done it yet, we will research it.
We can prepare a multitude of different cuisines for example:
Different specialties of the United States, French, Mexican, Asian, Indian, Italian, German

We will find what suits your event:
Heavy Hors d’oeuvres
Buffet style
Family style
Formal fine dining with plated service
Multi course gourmet dinners

Special diets for clients such as:
Gluten free
Dairy free
Vegan or Vegetarian

Why us?
Why not! You gain so much by utilizing our services:
We have a combined cooking experience of almost 45 years.
Spend time with your guests
Be treated as a guest in your own home
Save time spent shopping, cooking and cleaning up afterward
You and your guests are served restaurant quality dishes
When we leave, the only evidence that we were there is the aroma in the air and the unforgettable memories
“It is the utilization of fresh ingredients blended just right, that will take you…Above The Clouds !”

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